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Ashley Usiskin

My name is Ashley, I am a brand coach and founder of Ammalosy, a strategic consultancy helping founders and business owners identify and market their brand to boost their business.

From working with dozens of clients over 20 years, I understand they are focused on day-to-day business priorities, and brand is seen as important yet not urgent. They want to improve their website or look and feel, to more powerfully promote themselves to get more customers but often don’t have the resources or time.



World-Class Results

· Worked with 40+ clients on 200+ campaigns, in dozens of categories across 5 continents

· Distinction awarded Brand & Digital Marketing Post-Graduate Diploma

· Created brand strategy for doppio, one of the fastest-growing e-bike brand in Netherlands

· Wrote IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) short-listed brand strategy paper for Wotsits (UK)

· Ran the award-winning campaign for The Campaign Institute in Australia  

· Ran the award-winning brand re-launch campaign for Gordins Gin in UK

· Developed brand and marketing launch plan for Gazelle e-bikes in North America.

Online Program


Business Success

I believe that every founder’s positive impact idea deserves success and my mission to support them to make this happen!

I have tried and tested numerous strategies to create an effective set of DIY exercises and frameworks that will enable you to define your brand, your identity and what you stand for. To then create a brief and marketing framework to consistently promote and grow your business.

Having lived and worked in London, Amsterdam, Sydney and Madrid I’ve been incredibly lucky to have enjoyed a rich mix of roles and global experiences in the world of branding, marketing and start-ups.

The motivation for this global adventure has come from childhood instincts. Constantly wanting to explore, to try new things, and be curious.  Often getting me into somewhat ‘sticky situations’, but always ending up learning more about myself and people in general. 

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by advertising and brands.  If they’re the same, why were people either Coke or Pepsi, Nike or Adidas, Apple or Microsoft fans?  This passion for how brands are created continued to University, where I studied psychology and wrote my thesis on gender stereotyping in children’s advertising.  Ever since I’ve been continually curious to understand a brand’s ability to make a positive impact on us, on society and how we think and behave.

I’ve experienced all sides of the branding and marketing world - as an advertising agency business director (BBH London), a brand consultancy owner (Ammalosy -  AMsterdam, MAdrid, LOndon and SYdney, get it?), branding and marketing start-up mentor (Techstars Amsterdam), marketing team leader (Liberty Global). and a start-up co-founder (Skiptobot).

Having been through this journey I’m now driven to share my branding and marketing experience and expertise to support the ambitious founder, entrepreneur, business owner.  I genuinely believe that ‘Every founder’s positive impact idea deserves success’, and to help make that happen is my mission.   That’s why I not only started up my branding consultancy, Ammalosy, but have also created the DIY brand strategy course to enable as many founders and business owners to harness their brand to boost their business.

Beyond my professional career, I’ve embraced as many inspiring and varied experiences as possible. I’ve travelled to over 60 countries - trekking, cycling, skiing, volunteering, taking over 70,000 photographs.  I’ve been a musical director, youth development leader, and championship-winning goalkeeper in 3 countries. Now I’m a passionate 10,000km/year cyclist, captain of a Dutch cycling team, and have recently completed 400km in one day as well as the worlds toughest 7 Day race in the Alps.

I’m also an avid student of personal development and have gained a novel and powerful mix of perspective and empathy, motivation and intuition, that really helps me better support and advise my consultancy clients.

When considering working together, apart from professional achievements and experiences, I think beliefs are even more important.  Here are mine:

- PEOPLE THEN PURPOSE THEN PRODUCT. The person behind the idea is as important as the product or service. And their passion and purpose is the key ingredient to success 

- COLLABORATION.  If we support each other as individuals, as business partners and society at large, there’s a greater chance of a win-win-win. There’s a big enough pie for everyone to have a slice.

- POSITIVE IMPACT. To improve the quality of life for just one person, one family, one community is a success. For everyone and the planet.

Lastly, you may ask what are my qualities or strengths.  Well, those who know me best have described my talents as :

- Sees the wood from the trees. Reduces the complex to its more simple manageable parts.

- Has a unique balance of strategic insight, creative mindset and commercial nous.

- Inspires and motivates people to be more.

- Always see the glass half-full, has a smile and still gets himself into ‘sticky situations’;)

Thanks for your interest and best of luck with boosting your brand and growing your business!
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